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Advice - Is it the right advice for you

Advice is something that is quite prominent in our lives. Whether we are receiving advice or giving it, we love to be a part of it! But when is advice actually advisable and when isn’t it? These days the beauty industry is EVERY WHERE! Where ever you look (or click) on social media, some body if not everybody is now an ‘expert’ in the industry thanks to social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Considering we are now living in a ‘know it all’ world it is even more important to invest your time to research your salon for the best and most professional advice.

The industry is ALWAYS changing. There are new techniques being founded every, single day. As well as new discoveries on product ingredients and composition. I’ve been in the industry for 8 years and just recently I learnt that glycolic acid is the most volatile acid for your skin. It is also the cheapest acid to use as an active ingredient creating effects and results cheaply. Even though it can do wonders it is used quite often in-correctly causing inflammation and possible detrimental damage because of its volatile nature. See constantly learning!

So what does this prove? This proves the importance of knowledge and updated education – professional education. Recently I had a new client come to me for help with her skin. Inflamed, dehydrated, congested Acne. She had been guided by her friend who is traditionally trained as a beauty therapist but has been out of the industry for half a decade or more. This therapist’s advice was spot on for traditional acne but what she had done was misdiagnose this particular type of acne on this client. For you that are not familiar with acne diagnosis there are many types of acne with many types of causes and treatments. This particular client had what was called dehydrated acne. She had been proscribed with products to strip hydration and oil from her skin (which is fine for traditional oily acne) but in this case is what she needs to help cure the problematic skin. Because of continuing updated education and knowledge I was able to diagnose her correctly and treat her accordingly and proscribe the appropriate after care. We saw a noticeable difference in just one treatment and she noticed the effects of rehydration straight away. Since continuing on this new treatment plan her skin is continuing to improve constantly and she is ecstatic with the continuing results.

THIS is why you need to research who you are prepared to take your advice from. Social media tutorials are great to learn a thing or two in a general sense but when it’s an individual condition or concern look beyond your computer or advice from non-professionals and find that second professional opinion. It is worth every penny you may spend! As a professional in the beauty industry our advice is updated regularly and education is always continuing. That is why after all, we are the Professionals. It’s our job to know what to advise you on and our job to determine and proscribe correctly.

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