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Acid Mantle? Never heard of it

What is your acid mantle? Never heard of it? Well you should know all about it! After all it's your skin health.

It’s become clear to me in recent times that new up and coming beauty therapists are not being taught the importance of the acid mantle. I have experienced this myself with not only with one therapist but many! When I start to explain to the girls how certain products affect the acid mantle differently the silence in the room is deafening! “What’s the acid mantle?” is always the first thing out of their mouths and my look of disbelief is alarming. So, what is the acid mantle? Knowing about the acid mantle even as a client can help you understand what your skin is doing and why it is reacting in certain ways. The acid mantle is a fundamental of skin biology. If you were to think of the construction of a skyscraper, what goes down first to ensure the completed build is strong and sound? Good foundations. If the foundations are good, strong and healthy the rest of the build will follow suit. Well it’s exactly the same of the acid mantle for our skin! It’s where our skin foundations start. The acid mantle is our protective layer on our skin. Made of our natural oils it helps protect our skin from invaders like bacteria, pollutants and even viruses – practically any microorganisms that could cause our skin harm. If our acid mantle is compromised – Not enough oil, moisture loss, unbalanced PH levels etc, It leaves us open to a world of problems! Invaders like our bacteria’s and free radical cells (Cells that cause anti-aging and damage to the skin) have an easy all access pass through your acid mantle where they can F#@% things up. This is why it’s so important to understand what your acid mantle is and how your products work to enhance this protective barrier. A good skin foundation leads to flawless, healthy skin. It is the literal reason why we all have had to deal with skin health issues and what ALL therapists are trying to correct whether they know it or not. Looking after your skin correctly will ensure a healthy acid mantle is in place so when those nasty invaders attack, your acid mantle is strong enough to attack right on back! Click below to follow through to our facial treatments where we can take care of your acid mantle.

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