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Artic Berry Peptide Peel

Artic Lighten & Brighten is a 3 step course treatment targeting the most stubborn discolouration of the skin. Treating minor pigmentation or just lightning and brightening your complection to majoir hyperpigmentation including maintaining melasma. This process uses naturally derived active gigawhite as the main lightening ingredient. Course treatment is also beneficial for sensitive, rosacea and acne skins using exquisite blends of artic berries, lingonberry and hibiscus the skin is calmed with anti-inflammatory properties and boosted with antioxidants delivering a smooth, even and luminous skin.

Artic Berry Peptide Peel

Usually $160.00
Month of July $110.00

Valid until July 31st 2020
(Special is not valid for bookings after 4pm)

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