At Beauty Matters we strive to provide services of the best quality! We have worked hard to find the best products available for use in treatment and out. We believe that client satisfaction should always be any salons number 1 priority and to value each and every clients needs and wants accordingly. We are proud to be a client satisfaction focused salon as are our ever increasing client base.  Our treatment menu is forever expanding with new and innovative techniques and procedures. Our core treatments are focused on our most reliable and effective techniques such as Hot Body Waxing, Organic Facials, Mechanical Facials, Sunescape Tanning, Lash Lifting and more! We Are committed to providing quality treatments that are results focused and aim to always bring to you the most innovative and effective treatments available.


Waxing is our number 1 maintenance treatment. Our waxing technique has a different and unique method that has proven to lessen regrowth, ingrown hairs and redness. We use no strips or strip wax in the salon at all - only our Lycotec hot wax for the body. It is a softer and more gentle approach to traditional waxing leaving the body with a smooth finish - NO SHORT HAIRS!

Because the hot wax holds its heat longer than traditional strip wax it allows the follicle of the hair to open and expand as it dries. This means the hair is able to 'slip' out rather than fight against a closed follicle. This method has proven less breakage and less pain! Every body loves it and raves about the results. We pride ourselves on giving the optimal waxing experience. Come try for your self!


Beauty Matters loves to indulge in all thing luxurious. However we love results and so do our clients! This is why we have found the best of the best in facial treatments and care. We love to keep our clients satisfied and happy by providing them with an array of different therapies and remedies to suit all and every skin concern that they may have. We accommodate to everyone! Our luxury range is our Eminence Organic facials. Using nothing but the power of mother nature treat and heal your skin with a specialised facial or take home products from their lavish range. SKINFAKTOR also has our hearts with their incredible product technology helping not only provide a beautiful skin care routine but also treating all your skin concerns for the absolute in skin health! These product lines work perfectly in conjunction with one another giving you the ultimate skin care result. We also offer mechanical facials like Micro-hydrabrasion and Sonoforesis for that little extra kick we sometimes need. 
All therapists are knowledgeable and adequate in their skill sets. We can guarantee you'll leave feeling refreshed and revived. We love watching our happy clients 'skip' out the door once they have indulged here at Beauty Matters.


Beauty Matters strives on providing the most adequate and effective tanning possible! We have done our research and and have found the most outstanding tannnig product. Sunescape is an Australian-owned sunless tanning range that was born in Sydney's iconic Bondi. It is best known for its natural bronze hues and its signature tropical scent. With added vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating oils, Sunescapes exclusive formula enriches the skin and gives you a natural looking glow all at the same time! It also has anti-aging properties as well as hydrating and firming ingredients, leaving your skin smooth and replenished. With no alcohol, parabens or petrochemicals and with natural DHA, Sunescape is perfect for even the most sensitive of skins. Come try our 2 hour Rapid Full Body Tan or bring a friend for a discount.

Hybrid Lash

New Set  -  $150.00                  60min balance  -  $120.00            90min Balance  -  $130.00

(4 week balance)                     (2 week balance)                          (3 week balance)

Light Volume Lash

New Set  -  $180.00                  60min balance  -  $140.00            90min Balance  -  $160.00

(4 week balance)                     (2 week balance)                          (3 week balance)

Full Volume Lash

New Set  -  $210.00                  60min balance  -  $189.00            90min Balance  -  $199.00

(4 week balance)                     (2 week balance)                          (3 week balance)

Lash Terminology

Classic  -  80% - 100% coverage                            

Classic lashes are a more natural looking extension placing 1 individual extension to 1 natural lash. 

Hybrid  -  80% - 100% coverage

Hybrid lashes have a mix of classic extensions ( 1 extension to 1 natural lash ) and volume fans ( 2 or more extensions to 1 natural lash)  creating a soft glam look.      


Light Volume  - 50% - 100%
Light volume is purely volume fan extensions. A volume fan is where 2 or more lashes placed together form a fan. This is then is placed on to the individual natural lash giving a more intense glam look whilst still having a soft feel.   

Full Volume  -  100%  coverage 
Using volume fan extensions of 4 dimensional ( 4 lashes placed together to form a fanned extension) or greater to 1 individual natrual lash, this look is an intensive glam and perfect for that wow factor.

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Wax (Tidy)            
Adv Eyebrow Sculpt                    
Lip Wax                                  
Side Burn Wax                      
Chin Wax                             
Facial Wax                            
Eyebrow (tidy) + Lip Wax    
Lip + Chin Wax                    









(Tidy - Vist within 4 weeks of previous appointment)

(Adv - 1st visit, re-shape or previous appointment longer than 4 weeks)

(Full Facial wax not including eyebrow wax)


Eyebrow Tint 
Eyelash Tint 
Adv Eyebrow Wax + Tint 
Eyebrow + Lash Tint 

Adv Lash + Brow Tint + Wax

Brow Brighten + Lighten

The Henna Experience 

Hybrid Brow Experience             









Hot Body Waxing     

Half Leg 
Full Leg + Bikini

Half Leg + Bikini

Chest Wax 
Back Wax 
Half Arm Wax 
Full Arm Wax
Underarm Wax 

Bikini Wax 


Brazilian Wax 












(+ $20 for a Brazillian Upgrade)

(+ $20 for a Brazillian Upgrade)


1 Hour Swedish Body Massage     $120

30 Minute Swedish Massage        $69


Goodbye Cellulite Body
Contouring                                     $180

1 Hour Silicone Cupping                $110

30 Minute Silicone Cupping         $69


Full Body                                      $45
Bring a Friend                             $35

Lash Lifting

Lash Lift & Boost                         $120.00

Lash Lift                                       $99.00

Specialised and Traditional Facials

Classic Lash

New Set  -  $130.00                  60min balance  -  $99.00            90min Balance  -  $110.00

(4 week balance)                     (2 week balance)                          (3 week balance)

Lash Extentions
Facial Treatments 
Specialised Facial Treatments

Balance & Calm

$130.00 1hr 

Balanced & Calm is a facial best suited to sensitive, dehydrated and unbalanced skins. Can be used to tame congestion so perfect for calming irritated acne skins. Using stonecrop, a naturally derived ingredient known for its hydrating effects, the skin will be left strengthened, soothed and desirably plumped.

Fire & Ice Skin Detox

$130.00 1hr 

Fire & Ice Skin Detox is a strong detoxifying treatment. Using an organic combination of fruits, berries and spices this warming mask helps to create sufficient oxidation within the skin, moving stagnant and toxified blood. Using the combination of hot and cold to create satisfying results its safe to use on most skin types including sensitive, resulting in firmness, refined pores and clear skin.

Youthful Luminosity

$145.00 1hr 

Youthful Luminosity is a facial created to take your skin back in time. Using skin firming and antioxidant acai, rich shea butter and skin plumping hyaluronic acid this facial will leave you hydrated and plumped. Treating your skin with the acai range will result in less fine lines and wrinkles and a glowing complection. Eminence has had 98% success rate for visible reductions of fine lines and wrinkles with continuous after care.

Artic Lighten & Brighten

Course Treatment

Artic Lighten & Brighten is a 3 step course treatment targeting the most stubborn discolouration of the skin. Treating minor pigmentation or just lightning and brightening your complection to majoir hyperpigmentation including maintaining melasma. This process uses naturally derived active gigawhite as the main lightening ingredient. Course treatment is also beneficial for sensitive, rosacea and acne skins using exquisite blends of artic berries, lingonberry and hibiscus the skin is calmed with anti-inflammatory properties and boosted with antioxidants delivering a smooth, even and luminous skin.

Single Course Treatment $160.00 1hr




Polyabrasion, Shibata + Microactivation

Polyabrasion is a gentle resurfacing technique used to polish away impurities and blocked pores to reveal healthy, new, radiant skin cells. Our next-gen Shibata skin needling will deliver much needed nutrients deep into the skin with no DNA damage, no blood and no risk. Results driven and improved skin health without aggression and trauma to the cells.


Medilift treatment $180.00


Traditional Facials

Ear Candling

$89.00 | 45mins

Ear Candling is an ancient and natural remedy to help remove excess build up inside our ear canal. Using a bees wax candle a soft vacuum is created when lit. This works similar to that of a chimney - drawing out excess build up from the sinus right through to the outer ear. Great for sufferers of sinus, middle ear, swimmers ear infections as well as hearing impaired and hayfever sufferers. This is combined with an indulging facial. Cleanse, mask, tone, massage and moisturise.

Essential Facial

$130.00 | 1hr

Essential care for your skin - Cleanse, Steam, Exfoliate, Extraction, Mask, Tone, Ultra Lift Massage, Moisturise

Express Facial

$99.00 | 40mins

Your in & out 'Quick Clean' - Cleanse, Exfoliate, Mask + Ultra Lift Massage, Tone, Moisturise.

Lunch Time Express

$79.00 | 25mins

For your lunch time pick me up - cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone, Moisture Massage.

0.020 Derma Roller (Take Home)

$60.00 | 15mins (Add on only)

Add on a derma roller experience to help stimulate your collagen production. This take home derma roller also assists in scar rehabilitation, congestion, lifting & plumping. A derma roller really steps up your skin health regime with its many  benefits.

24k Gold Eye Bright Treatment

$30.00 | 15mins (Add on only)

Micro - Hydrabrasion

$135.00 | 1 hr

Micro - Hydrabrasion & Sonophoresis

$145.00 | 1 hr

Using a 24k gold contoured roller in a combination with our under eye contour pads and brightening cream we can create a vibrant and supple under eye appearance. The gold roller helps to revitalise the soft and delicate eye area improving circulation and penetration of our specialised eye cream. Eyes are left looking less fatigued, hydrated and firmer. Your perfect anti aging treatment.

(This service is not provided on its own and must be added in with another treatment of your choice)

Micro - Hydrabrasion uses the power of water to deep cleanse and refine the skin. A more advanced treatment than the traditional microdermabrasion accessing the whole follicle not just the topical layers of troubled skin. Using a soft suction we 'vacuum' and 'flush' out your skin and follicle removing all suffocating debris. Micro- hydrabrasion can also assist in natural collogen production as well as hydration levels. It allows your skin to absorb products correctly and promptly giving you the best chance to treat troubled skin. Suitable for all skin types and ages. A non aggressive treatment with results! Facial includes; Cleanse, Mask, Massage, Tone, Moisturise

This treatment combines the power of  Micro-hydrabration and Sonophoresis. Sonophoresis is sonic sound waves. This helps to push product further into the freshly micro-hydrabrasion treated skin helping to treat concerns via the deeper dermal layers of the skin whilst also toning and soothing the area. This treatment is a step above the rest and perfect for those serious about skin care! Treatment includes; Cleanse, Mask, Massage, Tone, Moisturise 

RF - Radio Frequncy

$20 | 15mins - (Add on only) 


$20 | 15mins - (Add on only) 

Radio Frequency or RF as it is better known is a non-invasive treatment aiming at depleted and sagging facial tissue. Gravity may not be our friend as we age but RF sure is! With its tightening approach you will leave feeling taught and rejuvenated. Add on to any treatment to up the 'anti' in your facial game.

Your anit-aging savour is here! Microcurrent helps to stimulate facial muscles and our pili muscles in particular. These muscles are responsible for keeping our skin wrinkle free. The microcurrent stimulate these muscles and gives them the strength to help hold up our aging skin. Great for lifting, stimulating and reviving skin loss and elasticity. Add on to any treatment and see the results for yourself!